Giulia And Rodrigo

Giulia And Rodrigo

We are a couple who decided to live our dream, combining our love for travel and passion for nature…for us the best compromise is living on a boat.
We are sailing toghether on our sailboat Gaia since 3 years now.
We started from Italy and the Mediterranean sea, through all the Spanish coast and territory until we reach Gibraltar and then we crossed to Canary Islands.
Then we decided to cross again, this time the Atlantic Ocean: from Cabo Verde to Martinique and the Caribbean islands.
At the moment we are in the amazing archipelago of San Blas where we are going to spend some time working with charters as we usually do when we decide to stop somewhere for a while.

Something about us:

Rodrigo was born in Brazil, he grew up next to the ocean and he managed to live his passion for it through out the practice of different activities such as surfing, diving, fishing and sailing. He studied adverstisement and also became a professional photographer. They first met when they were both spending some time in the Chapada Diamantina…a gorgeous natural park where Rodrigo usually went to recharge his batteries from the chaos of the city…the place where everything begun. Since he was a child, Rodrigo has a natural tendency to break everything in order to discover how does it works something. As an adult anyway this behaviour is pretty convenient when there is something to fix.

Giulia was born in Italy, since she was a child she was curious about the new and the unknown; so as an adult she used this curiosity to travel and discover new places and cultures. Between one journey and another she also managed (unbelievably), to graduate at university (Foreign Literatures and Languages) and immediately decided to leave and to fly towards an unexpected destination…Brazil; taking the chance to work for an Ngo that deals with uncared-for children. Then she felt in love with the beautiful country and resolved to start travelling alone.
In this way she managed to travel a good part of South America until she met Rodrigo that messed up everything (damn it!) and they began a new journey together.

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